Breaking (Bad) Hair News: Aaron Paul, What Have You Done?

Pizza Talk
Aaron Paul wants to eat pizza with Justin Timberlake. Really.
Over the weekend, Aaron Paul reunited with members of his Breaking Bad family at the annual Television Critics Association Awards. The show took home one award for Program of the Year.

Someone should’ve also given Paul an award for worst hairstyle of the year (so far).

The slicked back shaved sides look is probably one of the hardest to pull off in Hollywood.

We’re not saying it’s not possible, it’s just tricky. Brad Pitt showed up to the Producers Guild Awards in January with a similar look, and he barely pulled it off. And that’s because he’s Brad Pitt.

[Photo courtesy of Pacific Coast News Online]

Here’s a closer look at Aaron Paul’s version, courtesy of his Instagram. We’re not really sure what’s going on in the photo, but a fair guess is that he and Bryan Cranston are giving each other face palms over the failure of the former’s hairdo.

His hair didn’t always look like this. Here’s Aaron Paul in June:

In April:

Here’s a buzz cut he rocked in January (and it looks like Steven Spielberg was OK with it):

Aaron Paul if you’re reading this, it’s time to let your hair down again (or buzz it all off). Let it grow out, let your hair shine. Do anything other than what you’ve got going on now.

[Lead photo courtesy of Getty Images]