Awkward Hugs With Selena Gomez

Hugging is awkward for some people, just as high fives are awkward for others (me).  Selena Gomez, though so very talented in many ways, may look as though she’s experiencing some kind of neurological episode while attempting to hug — I think it’s a hug? — a fan, but nobody’s perfect. Today’s winning captions are pretty perfect, though.

“hey dont look at ur phone .. look at my new boobs ” – Mine

“She’s like ‘you remind me of justin'” – Emilia

“Let me feel your face for a minute” – Shyauna

“Hey look at my tiny arm.” – Liam

“You don’t need to be ready, just come and get it !” – Raquel

“I’m sorry I thought you were justin that’s why I slapped you” – Erica

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