Here Are The Weird Al Videos You Missed Over the Weekend

Weird Al: 'Foil'
Weird Al Yankovic tackles Lorde's 'Royals.'
Weird Al Yankovic week plowed through the weekend with the release of two more music videos (that’s number six and seven, if you’re keeping track).

Like Friday’s “Sports Song,” Weird Al tackled two very important issues the human race is facing today: first world problems and celebrity name-dropping.

On Saturday, fans were treated to a blond Weird Al complaining about the things we commonly complain about: calling instead of texting, his shower water getting cold after an hour, not having bills small enough for a vending machine, and so on.

Sunday’s video made use of stop motion, paper cutouts and all the celebrity names you can think of. Kevin Bacon and Christian Slater make the cut, as does Kim Kardashian.

Weird Al’s eighth of eight videos will be released today. Watch “First World Problems” and “Lame Claim to Fame,” below.

His new album Mandatory Fun is out now.