Paris Hilton on Her Sex Tape: “It Wasn’t My Fault”

Paris' Sexy Swimsuits
Paris Hilton rocks everything from monokinis to tiny two pieces.
Though it has been over 10 years since Paris Hilton’s famed sex tape leaked, the heiress is still admittedly haunted by the NSFW footage that ultimately catapulted her into stardom.

Speaking with the Telegraph, Hilton recalls the emotional turmoil she went through when a video of herself having sex with then-boyfriend Rick Salomon went viral under the title 1 Night in Paris.

“It was devastating because that was someone I was with for a few years,” she says. “I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully trust any man again after that. It was just the most hurtful and awful thing that anyone could do to a little girl. I was very young, it wasn’t my fault.”

She continues, “Now, when I’m looking for a guy, I’m always thinking of someone who is like my dad: a loyal person with a good heart, because that’s all that matters in life.”

According to the 33-year-old, the whole ordeal has helped her develop a thicker skin, helping her to only surround herself with people she can trust.

“If people want to be mean, that’s their problem. It used to be really hurtful. I would call and cry to my mom all the time but now I just laugh,” Hilton explains. “So many people have bad intentions, so many girls want to hang out [with me] to be someone. I weed those people out of my life. I call them hungry tigers.”

The “Come Alive” singer adds that though she had a falling out with famed BFF and The Simple Life co-star Nicole Richie, everything has become water under the bridge and she considers the mom-of-two “like a sister.”

“I played a character the whole time — I think a lot of people assume that must be who I am in real life,” Hilton says of their reality show, where she was uprooted from Los Angeles and sent to live with blue-collared folks in Arkansas.

Hilton adds of her popularity, “[Fans want] to buy a piece of me. It’s like a kind of Barbie American dream. I have that childlike quality so a lot of little girls especially [like me]. I’ve always been a kid at heart. I think I always will be.”