Some Rando Found Mark Ruffalo’s Wallet, Gave It Back Via Twitter

part one
Have you seen Gilles Marini's gaudy-ass wallet?
Welcome to part two of Celeb Wallet Stories, where we dish on all the hot goss as relates to the wallets of your favorite celebrities. This time around we’re talking about the wallet of Mark Ruffalo which came to be lost at some point over the course of the weekend. Fortunately for Ruffalo, and tangentially for us as all our fates are tied to that of the Ruffalo, someone who goes by the name @Trezeduet found it in a cab and, via Twitter, offered to give it back.

In yet a third point for the decency in people, @Trezeduet did not publicly share any of the details gleaned from Ruffalo’s wallet. So no, I do not have Mark Ruffalo’s phone number and even if I did, do you think that’s the sort of thing I would share with you? It absolutely is not. I would keep that shit for myself.