Weird Al Takes on Corporate America in ‘Mission Statement’

Because I'm 'Tacky'
Weird Al parodies Pharrell's 'Happy.'
“Monetize our assets, monetize our assets, monetize our assets.” 

As promised, eight days of Weird Al Yankovic has come to a close.

On Monday, the parody king unleashed “Mission Statement,” a song about all that corporate lingo no one understands, to the tune of Crosby, Stills & Nash.

The accompanying music video is a mesmerizing scene of drawings made up of a white board and markers.

“Mission Statement” follows the footsteps of Weird Al’s seven other music videos, which were released one after another exactly one week ago.

Watch “Tacky,” “Word Crimes,” “Foil,” “Handy,” “Sports Song” and this weekend’s videos, “First World Problems” and “Lame Claim to Fame,” on Celebuzz.

“Mission Statement” is playing exclusively on The Wall Street Journal today.

Weird Al’s new album Mandatory Fun is in stores and on iTunes now.

[Lead photo courtesy of VEVO/Weird Al Yankovic/FameFlynet (inset)]