WATCH: Rachel McAdams Cringes Seeing Her ‘Notebook’ Audition Tape for the First Time

We all teared up watching Rachel McAdams’ put on a truly wonderful performance in her audition tape for her role as Allie in The Notebook… But the actress herself didn’t have quite the same reaction.

During an interview on the Today Show, the A Most Wanted Man actress was shown her audition tape for the very first time and her reaction is pretty hilarious.

Rachel–shown in a split screen as she watched–looked pretty horrified, covering her mouth and cringing backward as they rolled the video of her younger self reading the emotional scene… And I’m sure the off-screen voice of Ryan Gosling didn’t help with the discomfort either.

Bewildered by her embarrassment host Matt Lauer asked, “Why are you cringing? You got the part.  It worked out well! Nicely done.”

But of course we understand–It can’t be all that amusing watching your younger self on-screen, especially with your ex-boyfriend’s voice ringing in your head.

Speaking of, in a recent interview with Allure magazine, Rachel talks Gosling, saying she’s never heard of the “Hey Girl” meme, but that she still believes in true love.

Watch Rachel cringe seeing her Notebook audition for the first time by launching the video above.