Kim Kardashian Is Working Really Hard On Her Tan, You Guys

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Kim's Bikini Looks
Kim Kardashian's many sexy swimsuit styles!
Kim Kardashian is the type of person who puts 110 percent into everything she does. If she wants to design clothes, she’s going to design clothes for you and your kids. If she wants to make an iPhone game, it’s going to be so popular that even the U.S. government is going to play it.

So naturally, when it comes to tanning, the reality star is going to lounge in the damn sun until the last second possible.

As her vacation at Joe Francis‘ Mexican retreat, Casa Aramara, comes to a close, the reality star is wasting no time in getting the last bit of rays before she heads back home because California has absolutely no access to sunlight and all.

On Thursday, Kardashian shares one last photo of herself taking in the sun, sand and surf. Like her previous bikini photos, the new selfie shows Kardashian lounging by a beachside pool.

Last day to get my tan in…” she captions the shot.

See? It’s really hard work, guys. Launch the gallery above to see more of Kim’s vacation photos!