Queen Elizabeth Photobombs a Selfie in Scotland

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Queen Elizabeth visits the set of HBO's Game of Thrones in Belfast, Ireland.
Queen Elizabeth visits the 'Game of Thrones' set in Ireland. Read More »

And now, a selfie to trumps all selfies.

On Thursday, Queen Elizabeth got all dolled up and donned one of her signature suits and hats to attend a match at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland.

She met some members of the Australian girls’ hockey team. Photos were taken.

You see, a player named Jayde Taylor took a selfie with a teammate because that’s what kids do these days. The girls weren’t the only ones to flash their pearly whites. Queen Elizabeth joined in on the fun too — as a photobomber.  

Adorable, right?

Australia would go on to win their match against Malaysia 4-0, but it’s pretty safe to say the real winner of Thursday’s game was Her Majesty the Queen.

In June, a young man in Belfast tried to take a selfie with the Queen, but kinda sorta failed.

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