Watch: Is This the Most Nostalgic Movie Trailer Ever?

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'Let It Go' a la '80s
Here's the 'Frozen' song as sung by '80s TV clips.
Leave it to Wil Wheaton and The Wil Wheaton Project to tackle the important issues in life, such as the fact that everything from your childhood is being made into a movie.

(Seriously, who gave the OK for the Ouija board film?)

Wheaton and company have taken some of the other things that made your childhood (and mine) wonderful and crammed them into a mock movie trailer.

Presenting, Literally Everything Else From Your Childhood: The Movie. Making the cut are favorites like Lunchables, Lite Brite, the Bean Bag Chair, Creepy Crawlers, pens with six colors and Bop It, among other things.

Watch the trailer, above.