Benji Madden Is Very Impressed By Cameron Diaz’s Grumpy Cat Impression

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And like Benji Madden, we are all very impressed by Cameron Diaz‘s Grumpy Cat impression! Also of note: this could also pass as a beyond-solid  “Head Elf” from Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer impression. On point like today’s winning captions!

“Hey Benji, check out MY grumpy cat impression” – Shana


“She looks like a granny! Lol!” – Leanna


“have you seen my teeth?” – Kirsty


“Benji: do I look short and fat?

Cameron: mmmmmm, no.” – Phoebe


“Benji: so.. I’m the biggest you ever had right?

Camerón: hmmmmmm..” – Yu


“Show me your old man face again it’s classic” – Leigh


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