From High-End to Low-End: Get Chrissy Teigen’s Casual-Chic Look for Less

While boyfriend jeans may be the most comfortably chic pair of pants in the world, this summer style can also be quite tricky.  If they’re too big, you can drown in them, but if they’re too tight they end up looking like a pair of mom jeans right out of the 90s.

So for today’s edition of High-End/Low-End, we’re going to take a page out of from Chrissy Teigen’s book and learn how to rock them the right way.

The swimsuit model was out for a date with hubby John Legend, rocking a pair of boyfriend jeans styled perfectly with a chambray, loose-fitting button-down to which she gave some added hotness with a little cleavage.  She accented her billowy silhouette with a structured bag and sexy stilettos that brought the whole look together.  (If she had worn flats, it would have looked way too manly).

And guess what?  You can get a similar date-night style for much less.  Check it out:

Chrissy’s Look

Look for Less

What do you think of the boyfriend jeans look?  Love it or hate it?  Sound off in the comments below!