Lindsay Lohan Looks Happy and Healthy on the Red Carpet in Austria

Rachel McAdams was instantly in awe of her 'Mean Girls' costar.
Lindsay Lohan pushed all the right beauty buttons over the weekend, stepping out in Austria looking like a red-headed greek goddess. And although it might be premature of us, it seems as if she might be on track for some sort of career comeback.

Ms. Lohan was hosting a party on Saturday night in Linz, as you do when you’re young and on the path back to healthy living. Whatever it is she’s doing though, it seems to be working as Lindsay changed outfits throughout the night — getting more beautiful with every change of clothes.

Not to say that Lindsay hasn’t looked like herself in recent times, but these looks are doing all the right things for her. She also just looks thrilled to be back in the hustle and bustle of the entertainment industry.

The next step, though, is getting her back on American soil and back in the movies.

Keep it up Lindsay! We miss you on this side of the pond!!