Kim Kardashian Did Not Break the Law, Find Out Real Reason Why She Got Pulled Over

Kim vs. The Paps
Kim Kardashian has a few choice words for the paparazzi.
While the Kardashians aren’t exactly the best drivers in the world–Kylie Jenner got pulled over twice in one day–it turns out Kim Kardashian may not be as bad as we think.

Photos were released today showing the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star pulled over in her Mercedes SUV on the side of the road talking to police.  Of course the media immediately began reporting that Kim had been pulled over for breaking some laws on the road and even went as far as to say she “flirted her way” out of a ticket.

But it turns out the story was much different.

The 33-year-old mommy took to Twitter to clarify:

She added:


And this isn’t the first time Mrs. Kardashian West has voiced her concerns over unsafe driving due to the paparazzi.  Last June when she was still pregnant with North West, she tweeted how some photogs threatened her life because she wouldn’t allow them to take photos of her.

“Let me enjoy this last month of pregnancy please without threats & being scared to leave my home,” she added.