May We Interest You In a Photo of One Direction’s Liam Payne In the Buff?

What if I told you that, over the weekend, one of the adorable former twinks of One Direction stripped down and posted a nude shot on Instagram? “Harry Styles?!,” you shriek. “He’s my favorite.” No, dear friend, it was not Harry. And I know who you’re going to guess next, but I’m sorry to report that it was not Zayn either, he was too busy freeing Palestine. It was Liam. Who? Liam. One of the Other Three. You did know that there are five boys in One Direction right? Well this is Liam:

Liam Payne shared this censored "nude" picture on Instagram.

My guess is you won’t forget him again.

Anyway, Liam Payne shared this photo of himself on Instagram over the weekend, along with the caption: “Damn that was my last pair!” Oh no, what happened? Did Lindsay Lohan circa Parent Trap and her camp friends steal his clothes while he was skinny dipping? Or perhaps he was taking Shailene Woodley’s advice and getting a little vitamin D downstairs? Or maybe it was all a weird joke.

Oh. Right.