What Do You Think Lindsay Lohan's Listening To?

What is Lindsay Lohan listening to? Place your bets! It could be anything from Peruvian monk chanting to the new Jessie J / Ariana Grande / Nicki Minaj song to the the book-on-tape version of Infinite Jest. Who can say? Only Lindsay can. I can only say that today's winning captions are as good as whatever she's listening to. So read 'em:

"ohh snap! this is my jam!!" - Jayda

"I can hear the ocean!!!!! Guys???" - Beth

"OMG they still play my song on the radio!" - Stephanie

"Rumors!" - Joe

"Omg!! Paris Hilton's new song!!!!!" - Krystal

"My sex list sounds even better when read out loud" - Elyse

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