Behold! Jared Leto Has Fully Transformed Into Jesus Christ

A Shirtless Jared Leto Takes His Bushy Beard on a Yachting Trip

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For those of you who follow the Church of Jared Leto, you be glad to find that his Holiness of Never-Aging has completed his transformation into looking like some other savior. You might know his name. I think it's Jesus Christ or something like that.

With his flowing brown locks in a ponytail and his bushy beard at maximum bushiness, the Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman was spotted on a yachting trip in Capri, Italy as he breaks from his music tour. Joined by friends and his brother, Shannon Leto, the rocker ditched his shirt to work on his tan before indulging in a little jet-skiing. (Because walking on water is so 15 A.D.)

Let Leto's shirtless body bless you in the gallery -- above.



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