Zac Efron’s Wild 48 Hours with Bear Grylls Included a Commando Crawl, Rehab Talk and Plenty of High Fives

Zac Works Out
A clothed (boo) Zac Efron works out in Italy.
If you’re like me, you forgot Zac Efron was the first celebrity guest to conquer Mother Nature with Bear Grylls on last night’s premiere of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. 

Lucky for us, NBC has the entire episode online because it’s 2014 and no one really watches TV shows on the TV anymore.

The episode is packed with a good balance of the men climbing things, making something out of nothing (fire, an earthworm omelette) and real talk. There are some shirtless moments too but of course, there’s never enough of that to go around.

At one point, after Zac and Bear (there’s an idea for a new TV duo) set up camp in some cave, things get a little serious.

“It can be everywhere, it can be confusing,” Zac tells Bear about the press and his 2013 rehab stint.

“Pretty soon you need a social lubricant. I was caring less about the work and waiting more for the weekend when I couldn’t wait to go out and sort of let loose and have fun,” the 26-year-old actor added.

[Zac’s night cam confessional: a screenshot]

Later, after pulling off a classic commando crawl across two big boulders, Zac tells Bear, “You only live once, you know? Remember this moment because this is it, this is it, live right now.”

Other Zac sayings in the episode include: “100 percent pure adrenaline,” “this is so dope” and “should’ve packed my junk better.” There are also a lot of high fives between the gentlemen (mostly initiated by Zac).

And because extra Zac Efron is never, ever a bad thing, NBC has also released bonus footage of the duo’s adventure.

Here are Zac and Bear dancing up a storm:

Here’s Zac making a s’more for Bear:

And here they are collecting birch bark for fire:

Running Wild with Bear Grylls next airs on Monday on NBC. Ben Stiller is next, followed by Channing Tatum. Deion Sanders, Tom Arnold and Tamron Hall round out the 6-episode series. Watch the first episode, below: