Justin Bieber’s Most Inappropriate Outfits

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Controversial Bieber
Justin Bieber's most controversial moments.
Justin Bieber is certainly no newcomer when it comes to controversy, I mean a DUI, drug busts, arrests, and racist comments… The Biebs sure doesn’t have an issue making headlines.

The teen pop sensation skyrocketed to fame after being discovered by music mogul Usher off of Youtube, and since his Hollywood debut, JB has definitely made some very interesting wardrobe choices. and I mean VERY interesting. From wearing overalls to meet the prime minister, to shirtless appearances at cubs all over the world, Justin does not hesitate to make a statement. A very loud one at that.

While we can admire the young star’s obvious good looks, his undeniable talent, and his ability to give us all our daily dose of Instagram entertainment; we can fault him on one thing- Wearing a bucket hat while hiking.

Our love for you may never fully fade Justin, but your choice of wardrobe is making it very very hard…

Check out Justin’s most inappropriate outfits by launching the gallery above.