Kim Kardashian Trashes Adrienne Bailon for Kicking Rob Kardashian ‘When He is Down’

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Kris Jenner cries about son Rob's depression.
Kim Kardashian has some choice words for her brother Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon.

The former Cheetah Girl recently told Latina magazine that her relationship with Rob, and her association with the Kardashian name “hurt” her career. Well, Kim isn’t about to take the digs lying down, so to speak.

The 33-year-old mother-of-one did what any self-respecting adult reality star would do: she blasted Bailon on Twitter.

Kim, who was at one time pretty tight with The Real co-host, fired off a series of angry tweets after Bailon blabbed about Rob cheating on her and how the Kardashian “label” was harmful to her.

Adrienne and Rob on the red carpet in 2008. Photo:

Bailon, who dated Rob Kardashian for several years before the two split in 2009, also recently shared her excitement over getting her “ratchet-iest booty tattoo” of Rob’s name removed.

“I’m so excited, you don’t understand,” she told Us Weekly earlier this month. “The other day I ran across some pictures of myself in a bathing suit that had Brazilian high-cut bottoms, pre-Rob tattoo, and I couldn’t wait to wear those again because they looked so cute.”