Sadie Doesn’t Want Her Baby Brother to Grow Up: ‘He’s So Cute!’

Meet Sadie. She’s 5. Unlike the rest of her adorable and young counterparts, Sadie’s dealing with a bit of a crisis these days.

She doesn’t want her baby brother to grow up.

In a video that has since made it to nearly every corner of the earth, Sadie, in a princess costume (of course), can be seen grieving over the fact that one day she’s going to be 100 years old. She’s also pretty sad about the fact that one day baby brother isn’t going to be young and cute.

Oh Sadie, I don’t want to die when I’m 100 either. But growing up and dying are part of life, as The Lion King taught me 20 years ago. People die. Cute goes away. But videos, like this one, will live forever on the Internet.

Watch Sadie’s tearful revelation in the video, above.