The Donut Cheesesteak Burger is a Real Thing

Naked Break-in
All they wanted was a burger. Well, more like 60 burgers.
Take it or leave it: the donut cheesesteak burger you’ve been hearing about for the past 24 hours is real and is out to get the best of us.

On Tuesday, PYT Burger in Philadelphia unveiled its latest creation, which consists of steak meat, burger meat, cheddar cheese and Cheeze Whiz snuggling between two halves of a grilled glazed donut.

“We were looking for some flavors to balance out the sweetness of the burger and we decided to do it cheesesteak style,” PYT owner Tommy Up told NBC Philadelphia. “It’s a perfect balance of your essential flavors.”

This isn’t the first time the burger joint has toyed with donuts. According to the PYT menu, there’s a $13 item called The Doh! Nut, which is a beef patty, American cheese and chocolate-covered bacon on a glazed donut bun.

You hear that? That’s the sound of me not buying a bus ticket to Philly to try this burger beast. It’s still summer, folks. Also, I like my heart.