The Feud Continues: Justin Bieber Takes Another Swing at Orlando Bloom

Looks like Justin Bieber isn’t going to let go of this feud with Orlando Bloom anytime soon…

A day after the two got into a shoving match at an Ibiza nightclub, the 20-year-old pop star decided to throw some major shade at the Lord of the Rings star–basically calling him a little bitch.

Bieber posted a picture of Bloom crying (or rubbing his eyes or something)–which I envision is the Biebs’ way of saying, “What, you gonna cry about it?” in, like, the most obnoxious tone ever.

In true Bieber form, he deleted the photo just 15 minutes after sharing.

Of course this all comes just hours after the “Boyfriend” crooner posted a photo of Bloom’s half-naked ex-wife Miranda Kerr–whom the fight was allegedly over–to Instagram.  Bieber and Kerr apparently got cozy togetherat the 2012 Victoria’s Secret fashion show and a source says when the Biebs passed Bloom he said something along the lines of, “She was good.”

Ouch! Well, Bloom being a classy, 37-year-old father, we’re pretty sure he won’t stoop to Bieber’s level (even though he did throw the punch)…

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