Brody Jenner Defends Kendall Jenner From Ass-Grabber in Thailand

On this week's upcoming episode of Keeping With the Kardashians, Kendall Jenner gets and assist from her half-brother Brody Jenner during the family vacation in Thailand.

Brody Jenner is seen going on the defensive after a man gropes his sister Kendall Jenner during their vacation to Thailand.

The two were ordering some drinks for the family at a beach bar, and as Brody was talking to the bartender, another patron (with a blurred-out face in the video below) is seen making a move for Kendall's behind.

"Excuse me!," she exclaims before moving away from him. "Brody that guy just touched my ass!"

Kendall's big bro didn't take the sexual harassment lightly -- instantly going into attack mode on the guy.

"Did you just fucking touch my sister ... are you fucking kidding me bro?" he says, before knocking the man's hat off his head.

That is were the clip ends, so you'll have to tune in and watch this week's Keeping Up With the Kardashians to find out what happens next.

What do you think of the incident? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • Wendy JCrrls
    Wendy JCrrls

    That is so fake her bodyguard is standing, watching everything. (right side, "the Bald") if this were real, reactionary as it is, a bodyguard, as it always does with fans of the kardashians-jenners

  • Jessica Cruz
    Jessica Cruz

    punch wouldve been better

  • Bronson Ebaugh
    Bronson Ebaugh

    The most ridiculous part of this is that someone thinks this was real. There is no such thing as "reality t.v.". They are overpaid talentless actors. ALL OF THEM!!! Even the Price is Right pays for extras!!!

  • Deb Czupkiewicz Langford
    Deb Czupkiewicz Langford

    good for the big brother!!!!

  • Laura Nix
    Laura Nix

    Good job Brody!!

  • Marvin Schultz
    Marvin Schultz

    Brody's response to his sisters aid is what needed to be done. I commend him.


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