Lady Gaga’s Done With ARTPOP, Introduces AUTOSHOP Movement

Lady Gaga’s AUTOPOP movement is less a movement and more just an outlet for her drunken shenanigans. No judgment. We all need our outlets. Some people pretend to be hood ornaments, others paint pictures, and the best of us submit winning captions:

“They see me Rollin, they hatin” – Josh

“Hold on, I gotta fart” – Mary

“So you’re saying if I sit on this and you drive fast I go to the future. DO IT” – Sarah

“Oooooh…. Child….. Turn down 4 what”!” – Donnell

“Do you think i can wear this car as a hat?” – Yasmin

“Sorry forgot i was famous for a second thought I was a hood ornament” – Rebecca

“Hey Guys, Tony Bennet hit me with his car!” – Alejandra

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