The Latest Leonardo DiCaprio Meme and Other Funny Things

While it is a travesty that Leonardo DiCaprio has exactly zero Oscars, we should celebrate the fact that he does have multiple memes! (In fact, his lack of Oscar Gold is a a meme itself! *INCEPTION HORN*) What are Oscars, anyway? Shiny piles of gold garbage! Memes are the true mark of success in this day and age; just ask anyone under the age of 22. Today, I am proud to help Leo continue his memetic victory lap by presenting to you the latest in Leo memes: Leo Running Shirtless With a Squirt Gun. *Standing ovation for Leo, the only one he may ever get* Read on for more Leo gold plus several other funny goodies!

The latest Leo photo to spawn a thousand a few memes, courtesy Mashable:

The internet responds to Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom:

Games of Thrones just got a lot gayer:

Muppets do Twin Peaks cosplay really well:

And we end on what will either be a hilarious or just a straight-up terrifying note: this is what your favorite celebrities might look like in 60 years.

I will see you back here next week, by which time, hopefully, Leonardo DiCaprio has done something else that's strange and hilarious.



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