This 41-Shot Rally Will Make You Want to Watch Table Tennis Forever

Kate at the Games
Kate Middleton is a blue beauty at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
The Commonwealth Games in Scotland so far have produced some good photobomb opportunities for the royal family and a stage for Kate Middleton to recycle some of her most amazing outfits.

Now, we can finally focus on a sport that’s been buzzing all week: table tennis.

Look, table tennis is a hard sport. The board is tiny, the ball, tinier. And said ball can pass you (or hit you right in the face, if you’re not very good at the sport) in the blink of an eye.

So think about those things when you’re watching the above clip featuring Nigeria’s Segun Toriola and Singapore’s Ning Gao. The gentlemen faced off in quite the battle and would rally for 41 shots. I won’t even tell you who won the actual match. These 41 shots are worth watching over and over again.

The 2014 Commonwealth Games wraps Aug. 3.