Through the Years: A Look Back at Lindsay Lohan’s Career Evolution

Remember when Lindsay Lohan played our favorite bad ass “twin” in Parent Trap, thus making us all wish we had a look-alike sidekick, too?  Or when she made “grool” a word and forever captivated us as a mathlete in Mean Girls?

We all undoubtedly miss the old LiLo.  Long lost is the adorable red head who (somehow) intimidated Rachel McAdams, taking a downward spiral into the girl who makes sideboob un-sexy and has a longer sex list than most of us have Instagram followers.

However, I think it’s possible to see her come back around.  We’ve already witnessed some changes, and Netflix has totally helped make a comeback happen.  She’s supposedly left her party years in the past, and if Oprah believes in her, we can, too!

So for old time’s sake… Let’s take a walk down memory lane and look back at the Lindsay we all loved in the 90s and hope to see again some day.  Launch the video above to see her career evolution.