Watch Deadmau5 and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Go on a Tim Hortons Coffee Run (Really)

Rob Ford on Bieber
Rob Ford defends his favorite spirit animal.
I’m pretty sure a Canadian sitcom starring Canadians Deadmau5 and Rob Ford will never happen. But here’s the next best thing: a 30-minute coffee run featuring the heavily tattooed DJ and the infamous Toronto mayor.

On Wednesday, Deadmau5 shared a video of the unlikely pair’s coffee adventure. And yes, they went to a Tim Hortons drive-thru for a cup of Joe. They talked about Toronto traffic, Toronto roads and potholes, why it’s a good idea to invest in a Tim Hortons (“cash cow”) and of course caffeine.

For those with limited time, Mr. Ford ordered five shots of espresso to be enjoyed in one cup, while Deadmau5 opted for an extra large double double (that’s an extra large coffee with two sugars, two creams).

Watch the video, above.