Watch: James Franco Weighs in on Bieber Vs. Bloom, Tries to Get Stephen Colbert to Break Character

Franco's Selfie Lesson
Let selfie king James Franco teach you how to take a fan selfie.
Yep, even James Franco has an opinion on the feud we can’t stop talking about.

On Wednesday’s episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert probed Franco on relationships and naturally, the whole Justin Bieber vs. Orlando Bloom thing came up.

“Speaking of relationships where do you come down on this whole Bieber Orlando Bloom situation?” asked Colbert.

“I’m team Bloom, I gotta say,” Franco said without hesitation.

As for relationships and family, Franco says he’s not worried about running out of time.

“40 is the average age for people I know [who have kids] so I’ve got four more years,” he said.

The other highlight of the gentlemen’s chitchat arrived at the very end, when Franco brought up Colbert’s next gig: The Late Show.

“I’ll see you on the new show, are you going to go democrat when you go on the new show?” Franco asked.

See how Colbert responded in the video, below.

[Lead photo courtesy of Comedy Central/Facebook/The Colbert Report]