10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chris Pratt

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Chris Pratt is one of our favorite funny guys in Hollywood. We love watching him on Parks and Recreation, we just can’t get enough of his sense of humor!

While many of us may know Chris from TV, he also has a huge film career going on. His latest movie, Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters this Friday and and it looks great! Before you head to the movies this weekend though, we think you should get to know Chris a little bit better. We did some research to bring you more information about this hilarious guy. Check out our gallery to see the 10 facts you don’t know about Chris Pratt.

We first fell in love with Chris when he was on the former WB show Everwood. Then we followed him as he appeared on the hit show, The O.C. After that, Chris continued his run on television when he was cast in Parks and Recreation and his career has been on fire ever since. Chris has even taken a turn in dramatic roles, appearing in films like Moneyball and Zero Dark Thirty. This guy is clearly talented, he can play any kind of role!

We’ve seen Chris on television and in movies for years, but that doesn’t mean we actually know anything about him. Now, because of that, we decided to dig up facts about Chris that we think will totally shock you! Take a look at our gallery to learn 10 facts you didn’t know about Chris.

After you scroll through the gallery, let us know what you think! Which fact shocked you the most? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, don’t forget to see Guardians of the Galaxy when it hits theaters on August 1st.