Orlando Bloom’s Bieber-Punching Fist for President!

Do you remember the time that Orlando Bloom took a swing at Justin Bieber? Though it feels like only yesterday, it was in fact two days ago! Time flies! Still, this photo of Orlando holding his almost-victorious fist in the air came at the perfect moment, considering the news cycle. And with that perfect timing comes some perfect captions:

“Punched him right in the p*ssy!” – Jacinta

“Yes im awesome, I punched Justin Bieber in the face!” – Vanessa

“Yes!!! Scored Selena. Eat that Biebs” – Sarah

“I should’ve knocked his ass back to Canada!!” – Chykim

“The iron fist” – Laura

“Heck yes!, I finally got the Susan Boyle look down!” – Angelika

“Next time, this goes up your ass” – Thu

“Hit me with your best shot” – Debra

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