Jimmy Fallon Throws Balls at Julia Roberts’ Face

Julia Roberts Bikinis
Actress Julia Roberts shows off her bikini bod.
What fun they have on late night television these days.

Last night (July 31, 2014) Julia Roberts paid a visit to The Tonight Show, and Jimmy somehow got Julia to agree to play the aptly named “Face Balls” game, which involves throwing a giant ball at each other’s faces.

“This is the comedy version of 50 Shades of Grey,” Roberts quipped as she waited for Fallon to chuck the ball at her face.

You could tell both were a little nervous about throwing too hard — “I feel bad doing this, you’re America’s sweetheart!” Jimmy Fallon told Roberts.

She later joked that her nose bared resemblance to the late comedian Bob Hope.

“I’m Bob Hope’s daughter!” she quipped.

Watch the video below to witness the hilarity.