Nicholas Hoult Gets Sushi With Kristen Stewart After Split From Jennifer Lawrence

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Kristen Stewart is ruining all of our lives...

First she broke the love of our life Robert Pattinson's heart (though he shrugged it off as "shit happens") by cheating on him with Rupert Sanders--which also ruined a  12-year marriage (though Liberty Ross scored big from that one).

And now... NOW she's destroying our only hope for true love in Hollywood by getting in between our favorite young couple Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult.

Just days after news broke the Hoult and J. Law split, the 24-year-old actor was spotted grabbing sushi with K. Stew at a restaurant in Tokyo.

While it may be the two were just grabbing lunch together while on break from shooting their upcoming sci-fi flick Equals, the timing is peculiar.  Not to mention, they are both known for dating their on-screen loves and/or directors in real life.  (I say and/or because Kristen was doing both at the same time for a while).

A local fan tweeted the picture of the pair looking happy as can be at the Tsukiji Fish Market, Kristen donning her go-to grunge style in a cropped top, backwards hat and a plaid shirt tied around her waste (she's no fashion-forward J. Law that's for sure).  Meanwhile, Hoult rocked a beanie with a baseball shirt.

A source told E! News the split between Hoult and Lawrence "was very amicable," so we're hoping his outing with Stewart isn't a means of making her jealous.

And if it is... all we can say is DOWNGRADE!!

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  • gabs

    They are in a movie together FFS! I often share meals with people I work with, doesn't mean anything. This is an absolutely ridiculous, bias, article.

  • Ej Villamor
    Ej Villamor

    biased commentary...

  • celebuzzlscrap

    Celebuzz, your site is going downhill fast thanks to this ugly "writer" slut-shaming and bashing everyone to make her feel better about her sad little life. I'm done with this site.

  • Josie Berlin
    Josie Berlin

    Kendall Fisher is just jealous cause her bleached blond looks aren't doing anything for her except to sit behind a desk and write crap. Kendall Fisher sucks!

  • Diana Lozano
    Diana Lozano

    They were having lunch. Get over it!

  • kay25

    This article is so unprofessional. Kendall Fisher is an embarrassment to journalism

  • notnow

    Yo Celebuzz, if you're so concerned about slut shaming, why don't you move on to Miranda Kerr? Kristen hasn't done anything naughty in two years - old news.

  • zoed123

    I think this is a beyond mean spirited article. Like seriously. It was 2 yrs ago and the fact that people like you are still slut shaming the girl says everything that is wrong with women. Get a freaking life. Loser.