WATCH: Baby Deer Cries When Construction Worker Tries to Stop Rubbing His Belly

Baby Deer and a construction worker
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Dog owners can attest to the fact that their pups love belly rubs. It seems like baby deer really enjoy them as well.

This fawn got in the way of construction workers cutting down trees and after they picked it up to move it out of the way, it didn't want to be let go.

The construction worker picked up the fawn and cradled the animal rubbing it's belly to keep it calm.

However, when he tried to place the deer back on the ground it loudly cried out.

Check out the video below and be ready to say, "aww."



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  • Nancy Fran Reuben
    Nancy Fran Reuben

    Wild life experiences LOVE just like every other living thing. It just less selfish.Stupid comment below.Typical .

  • Abigale Spencer
    Abigale Spencer

    even cuter surrounded by carrots and those little onions and popped into the oven

  • MareCad Titanic
    MareCad Titanic

    Totally adorable!!!