Miley Cyrus Spotted Taking Her New Best Friend for a ‘Walk’

Miley's sideboob makes another, inevitable, appearances.
Almost a month after tattooing herself in honor of her late dog Floyd, Miley Cyrus has apparently moved on and begun taking her newest little guy for “walks” around New York City.

We aren’t even sure how many dogs the “Wrecking Ball” singer is caring for at this point, but she obviously has an affinity for their cute little faces. She might even be one of those people who aren’t able to leave them alone ever.

Little Emu, who’s latest adventures with Miley on the streets of NYC are chronicled in the gallery above, was welcomed into her pack back in June. He’s already a staple on her Instagram and appears to love resting those little legs of his.

We’re just hoping he doesn’t get any bigger, as to always be of a size to be carried everywhere.

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