The Cutest Celebrity Kid Pics of the Week – 8.2.14

Kim Slams Adrienne
Kim Kardashian trashes her brother Rob's ex-girlfriend!
We love when celebrities share pictures of their kids on social media! They always post the cutest pics!

This week, a lot of celebs shared super sweet pics of their children. Stars like Jessie James Decker and Kim Kardashian posted adorable shots to Instagram and now we’re going to share those pictures with you! Take a look at our gallery to see the 15 cutest celebrity kid pictures of the week!

Did you miss any of the adorable kid pictures that celebs posted this week? Don’t worry, because we’re going to show them to you! We’re showing you all of the pics you might’ve missed in our gallery!

We found 15 pictures that celebs posted to their Instagram accounts this week that you need to see! Check out our gallery to see all of the amazing pics!

After you look through all of the pictures, let us know what you think! Which celeb posted the cutest photo of them all? Sound off in the comments!

Plus, don’t forget to check back next week for more cute celebrity kid pics!