A Look Back at Justin Bieber’s Douchiest Moments

Controversial Bieber
Justin Bieber's most controversial moments.
Rob Ford on Bieber
Rob Ford defends his favorite spirit animal.
Oh, Justin Bieber. At one point, you were the talented kid from Youtube that sang “Baby” in the middle of a bowling alley. Now, you’re more known for being a pot-smoking brat who blatantly disrespects other people’s time and property.

With his recent stunt involving Orlando Bloom, where the pop singer and The Hobbit star had an altercation allegedly over a 2012 encounter that Bieber had with Miranda Kerr, the Biebs has once again shown us what a true “class act” he is by publicly taunting his nemesis. (I mean, you know you’ve become quite a dweeb when Leonardo DiCaprio cheers at the thought of you getting punched in the face.)

Whether it’s his numerous attacks on the paparazzi, vandalism charges both abroad and at home, or that one ridiculous time he wore overalls to meet the Prime Minister of Canada, it’s safe to say that the Biebs has committed enough ridiculous acts to truly earn that “d-bag” title.

Relive some of his most absurd — and quite frankly douchey — life choices in the gallery above!