A Man Bit Another Man’s Fingertip Off at Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Show on Saturday

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Everyone’s had at least one subpar concert experience — a particularly rowdy audience, eight-feet-tall should-be basketball players standing directly in your line of vision, broken neck bones as the result of having to crane around people’s goddamn smartphones — but one man’s bad experience takes the cake: his fingertip was bitten off during Beyoncé and Jay Z’s On the Run Tour.

Pasadena police report that Roberto Alcaraz-Garnica allegedly bit off another man’s fingertip during the August 2 show at the Pasadena Rose Bowl following an altercation.

According to Pasadena police Lt. John Luna, Garnica groped the victim’s girlfriend…

“The suspect sexually assaulted the female victim… The woman’s boyfriend confronted the alleged groper, and a fight ensued.

And then things got bitey…

“During the altercation, the suspect bit the victim, causing serious injury to his finger,” the lieutenant said. “He lost the tip of one of his fingers.”

The drama doesn’t stop there, either: 10 other arrests were made during the same show. Eight were arrested for public drunkenness (cue “Drunk in Love” jokes), and two were arrested for ticket scalping. But hey, given that an estimated 55,000 fans (!!!) were in attendance, 11 arrests isn’t so bad, ratio-wise.

In marginally-related news, you can watch the latest  Beyoncé: X10 “episode,” which features a performance of “Drunk in Love,” below:

Beyonce X10: Drunk In Love (Live at the Mrs… by hdbey1000