Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's Duet Delayed!

Ariana's 'Problem'
Ariana Grande in the music video for "Problem"
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Bad news Arianators and Beliebers! Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber's duet isn't happening, at least not right now!

Back in May, Justin took to Instagram to tease fans about a possible upcoming duet between the two singers. Unfortunately for us, that duet was never finished. Now, Ariana's opening up about why the song wasn't completed and if the two will ever finish the song! Find out what she had to say!

Three months ago when Justin posted a photo to Instagram with him and Ariana at a studio together, everyone went crazy! Can you imagine a duet between these two?! Well, keep dreaming because this isn't happening just yet.

In a new interview, Ariana explains what happened with the duet. She told the Associated Press, "We were working on it. We were in the studio together ... we were going to do it, but then we both got busy. I had to focus on my stuff and he was focusing on his, and it just sort of didn't really get done." Sad!

So, will we ever hear a duet from these two? Maybe! According to Ariana, "We feel like we owe it to our fans to do something one day. We will finish it and put it out one day, but it just wasn't the right time." Fingers crossed! Are you disappointed about the duet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Even though we're sad about the failed song, we still have Ariana's new album to look forward to, which has amazing collaborations on it! My Everything will be released on August 25!



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