Megan Fox Says Shia LeBeouf was Her Best On-Screen Kiss

Shia & Megan Hook-Up?
The star says the two dated. Read More »

Megan Fox may be one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but she definitely doesn't set the bar too high when it comes kissing...

The 28-year-old beauty has kissed everyone from Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body to Adam Scott in Friends With Kids, so you'd think she'd have some high standards for a good make out sesh.

However, in a recent interview with E! News, the actress confessed Shia LeBeouf (of all people) is her best on-screen kiss! (Say WHAT?!)

Perhaps we should have guessed she'd say that though, as this isn't the first time the actress has supported her controversial Transformers co-star and rumored hookup.

Following his arrest and New York City and struggle with alcohol addiction, Fox told the New York Daily News, "I'm not worried about Shia.  I love my Shia.  He's perfectly fine... He's a brilliant kid, talented and funny.  There's no reason to worry."

Megan is obviously very happy being a mommy-of-two and wife to Brian Green... But I think she just might always have a special place in her heart for LeBeouf.



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