Zac Efron Chills with Jared Leto, Paris Hilton and Other Famous Faces in Ibiza

Watch a shirtless Zac Efron embrace the wild.
Zac Efron’s really living it up in Ibiza!

The Hollywood actor is currently vacationing with his rumored girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez, but he’s also spending time with other familiar faces. Zac’s been photographed with stars like Jared Leto, Paris Hilton and more! Want to see who else Zac’s been hanging out with? Check out our gallery!

Thanks to producer Mohammed Al Turki, we have photos of Zac having the time of his life in Ibiza. Mohammed’s been uploading pictures of Zac to his Instagram for the world to see!

These photos definitely give us an inside look at what it’s like to be a celeb on vacation! They really do live a charmed life! Take a look at our gallery to see what other famous faces Zac’s been hanging with over the past few days!

After you scroll through the gallery, let us know your thoughts! What do you think of Zac’s Ibiza crew? Sound off in the comments!