Is Taylor Swift’s New Single Called ‘Forlorn Bench’?

As we continue to explore the mystery of Taylor Swift’s recent “clue,” we find ourselves, once again, grasping at straws as we guess at a potential name for Taylor’s next single. “Forlorn Bench” is a good name, though! Feel free to use it, Taylor, if you hadn’t already thought of it. Free of charge. You’re welcome. You can also use any of today’s amazing winning captions as inspiration, if you so choose.

“No relationship no breakup = no song!” – Juliette

“I should of taken some of those chocolates before Forrest left.” – Sonia

“There’s noone left to date, who am I supposed to write a song about now?” – Cee

“DEAR DIARY… I know its been a long time since I didnt write a song about my ex….. but 10 hours isnt too bad… I promised next time I will sit down every 2 hours again to talk about them….” – Hub

“Should of said NO.” – Nick 

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