Read the Hilarious Text Lucy Hale’s Dad Wrote About her Sexual ‘Cosmo’ Cover

Lucy Hale Inks Music Deal
The 'PLL' star working with Hollywood Records.
It’s no doubt a huge honor to be featured as the face of Cosmopolitan magazine–every woman’s go-to guide for sex, love and advice on life.

But with phrases like “BEST SEX EVER” and “THE NEW SCIENCE OF BETTER ORGASMS”  it’s definitely not something we’d want any of our dads to see–as proven by this month’s cover girl Lucy Hale who received a hilarious text message from her dad in response to her September cover.

While the Pretty Little Liars actress’ father agreed she looked stunning on the cover, he did NOT agree with some of the articles.

LOL! But the best part?  Lucy totally predicted her dad’s response when she posted a photo over the weekend of her pointing to the cover saying, “Sorry for the captions dad.”

Andddd our new favorite daddy-daughter duo definitely goes out to the Hales!