WATCH: This Insane 700-Foot Urban Zip Line Will Probably Scare the Crap Out of You

Kim K Zip Lines
Kanye doesn't look to thrilled about it.
Brangelina's Kids Zip Line
They sure look like they're having fun.
If you’re scared of heights, I’d probably avoid watching this video.

Devin Graham, also known as Devin Supertramp, has created another epic stunt in which a bunch of fearless athletes zip lining–well, at the start–from the top of a 700-foot tall building on what is billed as the world’s largest urban zip line.

The stunt was performed to promote Speed Stick GEAR, a new line of antiperspirants made for active guys.

The consumer products company managed to get Devan Graham to jump from a zipline 10,000 feet above Panama City and land, with the help of a parachute, on a Speed Stick-branded base.

Watch the video below and behold!

(Via Elite Daily)