You Won’t Stop Watching This Video of Hilary Duff’s Son Spraying Her in the Face With a Hose

Hilary Duff Splits
Hilary Duff separates from husband Mike Comrie.
There is truly nothing funnier than an infant punking his parent without even knowing it… And that’s exactly what Hilary Duff’s son Luca did!

The “Chasing the Sun” singer–who just released her first single in seven years–was in for quite the surprise on Monday while playing in the her backyard with her 2-year-old when he sprayed her right in the face with a garden hose!

The 26-year-old mommy took to Instagram to share the adorably hilarious video in which she provokes her not-so-little boy by saying, “You can’t spray me!”

Luca had a different opinion though, and with a very determine face says, “Sure,” squeezing down on the handle and squirting her right in the bulls eye: her face!

But the best part is by far the tremendous giggle Duff lets out while running away from her son.

However, it’s not all fun and games in the family’s household lately with Duff announcing her separation from husband Mike Comrie in January.  In a recent interview with Billboard, she explains the split “has been a very difficult thing to go through.”