17 Young Models with Famous Parents

Kendall's Sexy Love Cover
Kendall Jenner goes topless for UK magazine.
The kids are taking over!

There’s a new group of young models breaking into the industry and they all have one thing in common, famous parents. From Kendall Jenner to Gigi Hadid, young models are starting to outshine their popular moms and dads. Want to see 17 models with famous parents? Take a look at our gallery! We found very famous young models, with even more famous parents! Trust us, these connections will surprise you!

When your parent is in the entertainment business, it’s very likely that you’ll get into the industry as well. Just ask Ireland Baldwin or Brooklyn Beckham! These celebrity kids are stepping out from the shadows of their parents and making a name for themselves in the modeling world.

Ready to see all of the young models with famous parents? Check out our gallery! We’re breaking down 17 famous family connections just for you!

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