Adam Levine and MTV Squash Their Beef, Maroon 5 to Perform at VMAs

Sexy Adam Levine
This is how Adam earned his sexiest man title.
Looks like Adam Levine and MTV have finally kissed and made up…

If you remember, their beef started about three years ago when the Maroon 5 crooner took to Twitter to send a pretty nasty message to the music channel about their Video Music Awards… but just today the band was announced as a part their 2014 line-up!

Adam’s tweet, however, will still be on everyone’s mind (it’s kind of hard to forget).  And what’s even better?  MTV dared him to share his picture holding the 2004 Moonman during their Twitter feud–which is the exact same picture they used to make the announcement today.


Levine opened up about his distaste for MTV in an interview with E! News saying most of his fellow musicians feel the same way, but just don’t say anything.

“It’s public knowledge that it’s not a music channel,” he said.  “It’s become a huge promotional opportunity for artists, which is a good thing. I think that great artists were there and they were represented and there could have been more.”

However, it looks like they’ve both put their troubles behind them… Likely due to the fact that Maroon 5 will release it’s V album just a week after the VMAs air, and it’s not like the show can’t use a little help from the Sexiest Man Alive, amIright?!

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