Here’s Zoe Saldana’s Secret to Having a Good Sex Life

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The actress takes it all off in a new photo spread.
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With Guardians of the Galaxy currently topping the box office, it’s no surprise that Cosmopolitan for Latinas has chosen Zoe Saldana to be their September issue cover girl. And seeing how the actress is fronting magazine most known for its bizarre bedroom tips, it’s also not very shocking that her cover story contains a few interesting tidbits about sex.

According to Saldana, who secretly married Marco Perego last year and is now rumored to be expecting twin with the Italian artist, the key to having a good love life is “to be uninhibited.”

zoe saldana cosmopolitan for latinas september 2014 issue

“I’m not talking about bringing in a third person or watching porn all night: That’s what leads people to believe they are amazing in bed when they’re the worst ever. Pornography is not sex education — it’s the opposite,” she explains. “Don’t allow insecurities to close you off. Be creative.”

Zaldana also says finding the right partner is what keeps the attraction alive. When if comes to what makes someone sexy, the 36-year-old says, “a man who has a natural respect for women — I don’t want a man who worships me: Stay away from those. Worshipping doesn’t count as really seeing me. I like men who work with women, are challenged by women, learn from women.”

“I’m definitely not a girly-girl; my sisters and I are thugs,” she adds. “Sometimes we don’t even know how to console each other. We’ll be like [pretends to pat her sister on the shoulder], ‘Wanna go get a tattoo?’ Our husbands remind us of how feminine we are, but even they don’t know what we’re really like when we’re together.”