Some People Are Saying That Ariana Grande and Big Sean Are Now Dating

Ariana Grande: big-voiced, big-haired, up-and-coming singer who just broke off her relationship with The Janoskians’ Jai BrooksBig Sean: the one who whispers “one less problem without you” on Grande’s “Problem” and who is most famous for being the guy Naya Rivera was engaged to before she went and married someone else.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean: a potential hot new celebrity couple for us to speculate and obsess about!

spotted out and about together, which is not conclusive evidence that they are anything other than collaborators and friends. That said, we’ve been fed the “just friends” line by publicists often enough to know that, quite frequently, “just friends” means “absolutely, unequivocally an item.” And when you factor in the following two items, it seems a bit more likely that there is truth to the rumors.

EXHIBIT A: Twitter user @mnashmi claims he sat in front of Grande and Big Sean in a movie theater and that the pair were kissing each other “all movie long”:


EXHIBIT B: Big Sean shared a photo of himself hanging out with Grande’s dog, which could mean the two are or hanging out in a more-than-friends capacity or just that Big Sean thinks Grande’s dog is photogenic.

So, are the two of them dating? Maybe, maybe not. Will we ever know for sure? Possibly. Would any of this have to do with the fact that Grande is currently drumming up publicity for her upcoming album? I mean…

If Grande and Big Sean are dating, then we wish them the best of luck! If they are not dating, we hope that they find love and fulfillment soon. That’s what you call “hedging your bets.”